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About Us


To tell you the truth, I was never a huge fan of crafts. I only went to craft fairs and craft stores under duress when I was a child. Until, that is, I discovered that making hand-decorated frames required the kind of artistic talent I have (the crafty, linear kind) and not the kind I don't have (the drawing things that look like actual objects in the world kind).

I started making frames as an economical line of family presents. I have always believed that hand-made presents trump bought presents whenever possible. So for Mother's Day 2002, when I was out of work, I made three identical orchid-colored frames with pink silk flowers for my mother, my stepmother, and my sister-in-law. Not only did I discover I had a wonderfully fun time making them and had a sense of pride in the finished product, I also received such encouraging feedback from my family that I expanded those first frames into a whole line of themed frames.

Making the frames
No rulers or measurements are used in the creation of any of my frames (except where obvious, like the middle court line in the tennis frame), which give them each a perfectly unique feel. When you purchase a frame from me, you get -- in the strictest sense of the phrase -- a one-of-a-kind frame. For instance, while you may order a gardening frame, the items on it and the placement of those items will most certainly jibe with a gardening theme and will be basically the items you see on the picture, the frame you receive will not be an exact replica of the frame you see online.

I start with beech wood frames with glass, not acrylic, inserts. Hooks on the back allow you to hang the frames either vertically or horizontally, depending on the orientation of the design of the frame (some flower frames are designed to hang either way). The frames also have a stand in the back, in case you would like to display your frame on a table or shelf. (If you would like your frames oriented a specific way, please include that in the comments field when you place your order.)

All of the frames hand-crafted by me (that is, all of the frames, as I make everything I sell) have at least two coats of acrylic paint (except the finished wood ones, of course) and the decorations are affixed with a high-quality, permanent craft glue (one recommended by Martha Stewart!). Because of the hand-crafted nature of these frames, occasionally a flower or artifact will become dislodged during shipping. Should this happen, you may simply superglue it back on. The artistic integrity of the piece will not be compromised in these rare cases.

Making the wedding accessories and stationery
The pictures of the wedding accessories and stationery you see on the site were from my own wedding. I made everything I could for my wedding, except the ring bearer pillows. (For the reason why, email me!) The theme for my wedding was dragonflies and butterflies and the colors were light blue and pale yellow, the colors of both my husband's and my eyes and hair, respectively. The guest book design came from a book I saw in a craft store. (I made 10 books for my wedding, one for each table.) Other than that one design, however, the rest of the products are entirely my own creations.

The pictures of the wedding items on this site are meant to be a springboard for imagination. No more are you tied to the same wedding themes and invitations you see in all the catalogs! Let me listen to your vision of your wedding day and create a perfectly unique set of stationery to match. I send you proofs before I make your order, so we can hash out the idea until it's perfect for you. I know first-hand how special all the little details can make a wedding and I am committed to helping you realize your wedding dream!

Custom orders for particular themes and/or the inclusion of a name on frames are welcomed. Due to the added cost of materials, the price may be slightly higher for "name brand" themed pieces e.g., Red Sox, Barbie, Disney). Personalization, however, is free on every frame if you wish to include a name.

Estimated time of order arrival
You can expect to see your Frames By Dana order arrive in the mail (I use USPS's Priority mail for all orders to the U.S.) 2-5 weeks from the day you receive my personal receipt. Large orders may take slightly longer. Please let me know if you need your order by a certain deadline. I will do my best to accommodate you. I try to keep you updated as to my progress of your order. I email you when I've completed the items (and either send you a picture of each item in your order or send you a proof, in the case of wedding stationery) and when I ship them. If you'd like additional updates, please let me know.

Coupon redemption
The shopping cart I use has some limitations. Chief among them is that it does not currently accept coupons. To rectify this problem, I will refund you the amount of the discount code in the form of a check with your order shipment or, if you've paid with your PayPal account, through that service. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. I am committed to my discount program and will find a way to work around the technical limitations that my PayPal shopping cart tosses my way! Please email me if you have any questions regarding this coupon process.

I do hope you thoroughly enjoy your purchases. If I can do anything to improve your experience or if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let me know and I will do everything I can to satisfy you. The goal, of course, is to keep you coming back for hand-decorated frames for your home and for gifts for your friends and family.

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